Fundraising Events for Your Organization

Let us do the work. Your organization has a blast and raises money in the process!

The best fundraising you can do!


Family Fun Night!

  • 2.5 hours of organized games, facilitated by the amazing staff at PRO 3:5 Sports Academy!
  • Basketball, Dodgeball, Corn Hole, 4-Square in the Air, Elimination Challenges, and more!
  • Includes pizza dinner, drinks and dessert!
  • Sell up to 140 tickets – students and parents come to play!
  • We recommend $25 to $35 per ticket (you earn 40% to 55% of the ticket price)
  • You are only charged for the people in attendance (you earn 100% of the ticket price)
  • For example: Selling 100 tickets @ $35 each with only 90 attending – your organization can raise about $2,150 (all your organization needs to do… sell tickets – we take care of the rest and your families have a fantastic time!)
  • These events typically sell out!

Email: [email protected] for more information and booking the event.