Too many things going on?
Can’t get to another practice this week?
But want your player to receive instruction?
Have a batting tee and net at home?
This Awesome Solution is for YOU!
Introducing our newest way to train!
We are excited to provide a variety of ways to work with our PRO 3:5 Coaching Staff through Remote and Hybrid training, even if you can’t make it to the facility!
Leveraging the latest technologies, the V1 App links directly to our facility and coaches.  Send videos of your swings, pitches and fielding.  We will analyze your video and send it back to you with our voices guiding you step by step through corrections and instruction. You will then receive videos with drills tailored specifically for you.
Find the best solution based on your availability and time.
Tiers range from fully remote, to 3 lessons a month with free cage access! 
 SINGLE A – Fully Remote- $79 per month
3 Voice over lessons sent to you a month with instruction and video break down of mechanics and technique. 
SINGLE A - Remote Training
DOUBLE AA – Hybrid (remote & in person) $109 per month.
2 Voice over lessons
+ 1 on location session with instructor
DOUBLE AA - Remote & In-person
TRIPLE AAA – Hybrid (remote & in person) – $139 per month
2 Voice over lessons
+2 on location sessions with instructor
TRIPLE AAA - Remote & In-person
PRO – Hybrid (remote & in person) – $159 per month
3 Voice over lessons
+ 2 on location sessions with instructor
+ Weekly individual cage access* (based on availability*)
PRO - Remote & In-person