3x3 Basketball Tournament

3×3 Basketball Tournament on August 11th from 3-6pm!

  • A competitive and exciting 3×3 Basketball Tournament for players who enjoy the sport and want to improve
  • Minimum of 3 games (2 seeding games and then tournament format)
  • Choose your team of 3 or more players or we can team you with other individuals
  • Two different age divisions, 9-10 and 11-12 year olds! (Cut off is 08/11/2012 for 11-12 age group and 08/11/2014 for the 9-10 age group) Both divisions play at the same time, same place!
    • Space is limited. 6 teams per division so be quick to find your team and get signed up!
  • $100 per team! Only one sign up needed per team. Once your “team captain” has signed up, they will receive a Google form to fill out the other team members information.
    • Note: You will be registering as a team for a one time payment of $100. Depending on how many kids are on your team, 3-5, you will deliberate individual cost within your group.
      When one representative of your group registers they will be sent a Google form in the confirmation email including a form and a waiver. The form must be filled out by noting who is on your team. The waiver must be sent to each player to be filled out previous to the start of the tournament.
  • Smaller team size increases offensive and defensive opportunities and encourages fundamental teamwork
  • Play hard with a competitive spirit and good sportsmanship!
  • NO COACHES!!!  The kids play, make adjustments and just have fun with NO PRESSURE!  Parents and kids LOVE this
Check out this FIBA 3×3 Basketball video to get a better understanding of how we plan to mirror our tournament after them!

Rules Highlights

  • Team will consist of 3 players on the court but we suggest a minimum of 4 players on the roster. Teams should arrive 10 minutes prior to game time
  • Games will be played to 21 or 12 minutes, whichever comes first.
  • 1 point will be awarded for shots made inside the 3-point arc / 2 points will be awarded for shots made beyond the 3-point arc
  • The clock does not stop, until under 2 minutes where clock will stop at every dead ball
  • 12 second shot clock under 2 minutes
  • The game is played half court with normal boundaries and a back court line defining the playing area. The 3-point line is also the check line
  • The defense gets possession of the ball after a made basket – no make it, take it
  • On a change of possession, steal, rebound, etc., the defensive team must take the ball outside the 3- point arc to establish itself as the offense. Even on an air ball, the defense must take the ball outside the arc
3x3 Basketball Full Rules