3on3 Basketball League

Game Days ~

Mondays  –

June 25

July 2, 9, 16, 23

  *** 2 Games per Day! ***
    Form your own Team!
Only 1 Hour Commitment each Gameday
  • A fun and exciting 3 on 3 Basketball League for players who enjoy the sport and want to improve
  • Smaller team size increases offensive and defensive opportunities and encourages fundamental teamwork
  • Our league’s focus is FUN, with an opportunity to develop basketball skills in a low stress environment
  • Play hard with good sportsmanship and the attitude of “let’s just play”
  • NO COACHES!!!  The kids play, make adjustments and just have fun with NO PRESSURE!  Parents and kids LOVE this!
  • Choose your team of 4 or more players or we can team you with other individuals
  • Games scheduled between 5:30pm and 8:30pm each Monday – only a 1 hour commitment in that time frame
  • $80 per player includes game T-shirt and paid referees.

Divisions according to grade level –

3rd Grade / 4th Grade / 5th Grade / 6th Grade / 7th Grade / 8th Grade

Adult Team Manager – Each team is required to have an adult volunteer to manage the team.  Duties include distributing schedule, substituting players in/out of the game, maintaining good sportsmanship, and managing the flow of the game.  You can volunteer when registering your player.

Rules Highlights

  • Team will consist of 3 players on the court and a minimum of 4 players on the roster. Play may be started with 2 players.  Teams should arrive 10 minutes prior to game time
  • Games will be 20 minutes in length – 2 games will be played each game day
  • 2 points will be awarded for shots made inside the 3-point arc / 3 points will be awarded for shots made beyond the 3-point arc
  • The clock does not stop
  • The game is played half court with normal boundaries and a back court line defining the playing area. The 3-point line is also the check line
  • The defense gets possession of the ball after a made basket – no make it, take it
  • On a change of possession, steal, rebound, etc., the defensive team must take the ball outside the 3- point arc to establish itself as the offense. Even on an air ball, the defense must take the ball outside the arc

3 on 3 League Rules